VIA's partnership with Nvidia Put on Hold

Nvidia and VIA have suspended their collaborative plans for developing powerful chips and processors for netbooks, which was initiated to challenge the dominance of Intel’s Atom processor in this domain.

Back in April, the duo announced their plans to jointly develop robust chipsets for small and cheap computers, in a press conference at Computex.

The partnership was struck to develop reference designs of netbooks revolving around Nvidia’s GeForce 9400 chipset, and C7-M and Nano processors from VIA, and it was codenamed as ‘MCP79’.

As of now, the market has seen HP 2133 Mini Note as the only netbook sporting a VIA processor, which received an average response from its users, and thereby made HP to switch to Atom for its new range of netbooks comprising HP Mini 700 and Mini 1000.

Despite the set back, the pair seems to be all set to exhibit their desktop product line-up at CES in Las Vegas in January next year.

And sources close to the partnership say that Nvidia used the VIA lure to force Intel to allow it to build Intel-compatible chipsets.