Computers Used In Obama and McCain Campaigns Were Hacked By A Foreign Country

Some computers, they say, are better left unconnected. Several US news reports say that the computer systems used by US Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have been victims of targeted attacks by "sophisticated" hackers.

According to Times Online, a "serious amount" of computer files were stolen (or copied) by a foreign entity, possibly China or Russia, as either country seemed to have engaged in a so-called Intelligence-gathering operation.

It is very interesting to note that one of the first thing that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev did after Barack Obama was officially appointed as the next US President, was to put short-range Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, next to Poland (ed: Does he know something that we don't know).

Newsweek reported that Obama campaigners who discovered a suspicious file though that it was a virus before finding out that it was a more serious and insidious, calculated cyber-attack.

McCain campaign workers were subsequently informed and they apparently found the same pattern of attack on their computer networks.

The FBI and the CIA are already investigating the "Hacker-gate" and according to a source closed to the investigation, the US authorities already know the identity of the hackers although they have yet to formally identify them all.

Both Russia and China have often been accused of hacking Western government networks as the glamour of traditional spying techniques died out over the last few decades.