Next Generation Broadband Could Involve Local Communities

According to Francesco Caio, one of the key advisers to government on next generation broadband access, the next generation broadband will be far different from what we currently have.

Addressing the NextGen 08 Conference in Manchester, Caio stated that the future of broadband would be a “patchwork” of the erstwhile community based networks covering the country.

He further emphasised the need of collaboration of all these networks to offer enhanced broadband speeds to web users in UK.

Caio speculated a paradigm shift in the traditional network building procedure, and stated that instead of big players, local communities would be the owners of their own networks and thereby would select their service provider.

BT has already committed GBP1.5billion investment to reinforce its fibre optic network to provide faster broadband access to provide broadband connectivity to 10 million homes across UK by 2012.

In addition, Virgin Media is also pooling huge investments to provide faster broadband connectivity with speeds up to 100Mbps, and it is said to cover half of UK homes.

However, the Broadband Stakeholders Group estimated a whopping GBP29billion investment for providing broadband connectivity to every home in UK using fibre optic networks.

Experts believe that UK needs to act quickly on the next generation broadband networks or it may see a decline in broadband speeds.