Orange Offers Netbooks + Broadband Package For £25 a month

This is probably one of the best deals currently on the market if you're looking for a netbook. Orange is offering the Asus Eee 901 netbook equipped with built in 3G connectivity, on a monthly tariff of GBP 25 only.

But the only thing that might hold users back is Orange’s minimum two years of contract with the machine.

Equipped with a 16GB solid-state drive, the Eee 901 runs on the power-efficient Atom processor, instead of more traditional Intel Celeron processors that were employed in Eee 900 series netbooks.

Available in black and pink colours, this 8.9 inch stylish netbook comes loaded with an integrated webcam and offers a commendable battery life of five hours to its users.

Interestingly Orange already offers Asus Eee 900 with external mobile broadband dongle under an agreement penned back in August this year.

However, Orange is not the first UK network operator with an embedded-3G netbook offering, as Vodafone is already there with its Dell Mini 9 netbooks.

While both Orange and Vodafone are offering their respective packages at GBP 25 a month with two year contract terms, the only difference is that Orange offers 3GB of usage per month as against 1GB offered by Vodafone.

The device is expected to be available by mid-November, and consumer-offer will be exclusively available through the Orange website and Orange stores.