Chinese Hackers Penetrated White House Computer Network Several Times

Shortly after it was revealed the computer networks of both US presidential candidates had been hacked by foreign entities, an even more damaging hacking event has emerged.

The Financial Times has reported that the White House computer network had been hacked into several times by computer experts from China and managed to obtain email communications between government officials on key issues.

It would be fairly difficult to pinpoint exactly who is behind the attack, but the nature of the hack and the target leaves almost no doubt as to the sponsors of the attack.

The attacks took place in the recent months and was detected by the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, a unit that was established only last year, in a bid to tackle the threat of Cyber security.

Although, it seems that the hackers only had access to non-classified governmental data, observers say that it could still be valuable if Chinese Intelligence expert use the "grain of sands" strategy, which tries to extract secondary data from seemingly innocuous primary data.

SCMagazine goes as far as saying that the US could be losing the Cyberspace Race, quoting one security CEO.

Still, this could be a series of tests ran by the hackers as part of a more elaborate strategy to stress the US computer defences.