UK TV Viewers Wasting A week A Year Changing Channels

Microsoft Connected TV business commissioned a survey that concluded that more than one in four digital viewers spend more than one week on average every year channel surfing.

This, according to the Sun, is more than what Brit couples on average spend on sexual activities and represents around 27 minutes per day.

The survey of 2000 digital viewers found out that a third of those questioned follow the five main channels available, although Freeview (or other digital services) have dozens more free channels available.

Nearly half of them even agreed that there were too many channels to choose from. For example Freesat from Sky has more than 240 channels to choose from and other free to air satellite services have thousands more.

The average digital TV viewer spent up to three hours per day watching telly with a surprising 70 percent having missed their favourite series because they were not able to find out when they were on air.

Christine Heckart, of Connected TV at Microsoft, said: “With so many digital channels to choose from as well as growing volume of digitally recorded and on-demand content it’s not surprising viewers find it difficult to decide what to pick."

The survey was carried out to market Microsoft's new Mediaroom feature (which has been adopted by BT for its BT Vision TV service) that will introduce keyword search capabilities which should make finding the programme you want much more easier.