Acer To Ditch Intel CPUs In 2009 EEE Top PC Desktop Rival?

Acer is planning a dirt cheap, super small screen-less desktop PC that could be powered either by AMD or VIA CPUs if Intel cannot supply enough Atom processors.

The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer expects to sells up to 13 million units according to Digitimes and is eager to surpass Acer in the war of the Netbooks.

Three potential ODM have been listed - Quanta Computer, Wistron and surprise, surprise Micro-Star International (MSI) with a decision about who will manufacture the 1-litre device (ed: that's by volume) coming in December.

Acer's decision to target the lower end of the market could mean that it wants to sell PCs as commodity items and it would not be surprising if they manage to reach the £99 floor.

The fact that the new nettop will target both home and business consumers means that there could be several versions as well.

So our bet is on a device with a low-power AMD Athlon CPU (or Geode), 1GB memory, 16GB SSD, loads of I/O ports and everything integrated, all packed in a pocket-book sized enclosure.

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