An O2 Touchscreen XDA for the pre-pay market : Now That's Smart

O2’s iconic XDA brand has always been targeted at the professional end of the market demanding a long contract commitment before you were deigned worthy of high tech mobility.

That’s all changing with the recent release of the iPhone 3G on prepay and as of the 10th November, the O2 XDA Zest.

Typically prepay users were always given low spec handsets, but the XDA Zest is anything but.

With HSDPA, WiFi, 2.8” VGA touch screen, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3MPx autofocus camera and FM radio, the XDA Zest has everything an iPhone competitor could need.

Plus at only £250 (less a penny) from the 17th of November, the XDA Zest is £100 pound cheaper than the cheapest Pay and Go iPhone 3G.

The XDA Zest must be a strong contender for the small business customer upgrading from their traditional Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles in the next few months.

(Ed : It also comes with two weeks free of CoPilot Sat Nav Trial, which is good although others - notably Nokia and RIM - provide with much longer trial versions of their own GPS systems)

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