Spammers Choose Obama For Their Email Campaigns

It seems that US President elect Barack Obama has become a favourite subject for spammers to indulge in their malicious activity as they are shooting out numerous Barack Obama themed emails to deceive internet users.

Within hours after the US presidential election results were declared, a security research firm has notified massive email traffic tagged with subject lines like “Fear of Black President”, “Barack Obama Wins”, “Obama Six Packs” and “Election Night Results”.

Speaking on these potentially dangerous emails, Sam Masiello, VP information security at MX Logic said in a statement, “The messages themselves vary a bit, but the basic premise is the same across the different variants that we have observed so far”.

One of the spam mails, which allegedly contains a link to a video of Obama’s acceptance speech along with the election results, directs users to a web page asking them to update their Adobe Flash Player application with ‘adobe_flash9.exe’ file, clicking on to which will download Trojan, codenamed Mal/Behav-027 by Sophos, on their PCs.

Furthermore, Websense has also detected a threat in the guise of an email, comprising links to an interview with Barack Obama, which directs users to a video site that attempts installing an .exe file on users’ PCs, and if downloaded, it could infect their computers with a Trojan.

Back in April 2008, Trendmicro unearthed another spam campaign which aimed at discrediting Obama, claiming he had a transsexual affair.

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