Sun Microsystems Debut SSD Data Storage Devices

In a bid to strengthen its hold in the data storage domain, Sun Microsystems Inc. has unveiled a series of new data storage appliances that incorporate superior management software and solid-state drives (SSDs).

The computer manufacturer has introduced three new data storage appliances which incorporate its new open source software and rotating disc drives - tailored for large corporations and enterprises that require to store and recover large volumes of data.

Sun’s new Storage 7000 line of systems, dubbed as “Amber Road”, with storing capacities in the range of 2T bytes to 576T bytes, largely rely on Sun’s Open Solaris and Zettabyte File System (ZFS) have been developed on standard x86 computing hardware.

Incidentally the management software has been developed by Fully Integrated Software and Hardware (FISHworks) group.

Analysts claimed that the use of SSDs in new data storage systems would prove to be rather beneficial for enterprises as these disks consume less power to run while offering higher speeds and flexibility than conventional mechanical drives.

Sun is looking forward to storage business as one of the driving forces that would help the company in bolstering its declining profitability, and hence, it is focusing hard on developing new storage applications based on its own open source software.

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