Dell Not Keen On iPod Rival But Doesn't Rule Out iTunes Competitor

Putting an end to rumours, Dell has reportedly shrugged off its plans of releasing a digital music player for the holiday shopping season, the company declared through one of its blog post.

The company quashed the apparent prospect of launching a digital music player that would have included software designed by Zing, a company recently acquired by Dell, and stated in its blog post that while discussing about the products based on Zing software, preset media bundles, and remote access, it never meant a music player.

Rumours about the digital music player seemed to gain ground as reports began to surface about Dell’s testing of new MP3 player prototypes using entertainment software from Zing Systems, a company that specializes in managing and downloading movies and sound tracks across different products, like desktops and notebooks.

Dell has already introduced its range of music players back in 2003, and stopped selling them in 2006 due to poor responses from the market; in addition, the company has had a miserable fortune with other consumer electronics products other than PCs, like large-screen TVs, which it stopped shipping last year.

Despite its silence over using Zing’s technology, Dell is all set to snare some breathing space in music industry, as the company has started striking deals with music brands and film studios, as part of its strategy for raising its profile in this domain.

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