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Dell Partners With Seagate And McAfee On Full Disk Encryption

Addressing the soaring issue of data losses due to notebook thefts, Seagate, McAfee and Dell on Monday collaboratively announced a series of data encryption solutions, including software management systems and self-encrypting hard disks.

Seagate has unleashed its new 500GB and 320GB full disk encryption, or simply FDE, Momentus notebook hard drives, available in both 7200-rpm and 5400-rpm versions, which further integrate security software from McAfee.

Approved by the National Security Association (NSA), the new drives from Seagate feature 128-bit AES encryption standard, and can be easily employed to existing notebooks easily.

Quoting figures from FBI statistics, Joni Clark, Seagate’s marketing manager for PC business unit, mentioned that a notebook is stolen every 53 seconds in US alone and 97 percent of these are never recovered back, and in this situation, encrypted notebooks would be of great help in safeguarding users against the crucial data losses.

Primarily aimed targeted towards the enterprise segment, the new hard drives can be installed in a manner similar to that of other SATA 2.5-inch drives from Seagate, and hence proves apt for general users, as once installed, a user simply needs to enter the BIOS password, and log on in a usual manner.

The 320GB hard drives for both 7200-rpm and 5400-rpm are already available, whereas 500GB versions of the hard drive are expected to be around early next year.

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