Google Mends Android Vulnerability

Google has come up with a security patch to fix the jailbreaking bug discovered in its Android platform that powers T-Mobile’s G1 handset, which allowed hackers to execute anything entered via text messages.

According to the hack described on an XDA developers forum last week; the bug essentially allowed a hacker to access the root of the Android software as they could easily enter malicious commands through text messages which would then get executed in a hidden console with root privileges.

For instance, if the users’ message contains the word ‘reboot’, then they would see their handsets rebooting soon after entering the word ‘reboot’.

Google has notified the bug as a security threat and hence issued the patch, codenamed RC 30, to fix the issue; however, T-Mobile has not yet confirmed about when it will start pushing the security update to its G1 users.

However, Google stated that it came across the issue while it was working on a fix to prevent hackers ‘jailbreaking’ the G1 handsets, and informed that the company had not received any news of the vulnerability being exploited.

Earlier, just within few days after its launch, researchers identified a security hole in Android browser that could have tricked users to visit malicious websites; however, Google has already plugged that hole as well.

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