HP New Procurve Range Takes On Cisco With The Help of Colubris Networks

HP ProCurve on Monday announced the integration of the entire product range of Colubris Networks, a company acquired by HP recently, into its erstwhile ProCurve networking services, while introducing its new 802.11n wireless access point.

The addition of new wireless networks into the ProCurve portfolio would enable it to robustly compete against the networking giant Cisco Systems.

The MSM410 access point for fast 802.11n WLAN networks incorporates in-built antennas that bear a close resemblance to the smoke detectors, when fixed on a ceiling.

It is expected to be launched around January next year, with a price tag USD 649, Racca added.

“It’s discrete with no (external) antennas”, said Tom Racca, ProCurve’s senior mobility solutions strategist, and it would offer least interfering access points for hallways and rooms in hotels, dormitories, organisations and health care centres, he added.

In addition ProCurve has further updated its ProCurve Manager (PCM) software to automatically identify, map and manage any product from Colubris, and offer its customers better management of their wired and wireless frameworks through a single view of the entire network.

“Adding the unique capabilities of the Colubris product line helps ProCurve lead the way in next-generation intelligent edge networking”, HP ProCurve’s senior VP and general manager said in a statement.

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