Speed Camera Detector Brings Social Networking To Drivers

The Novus Mini Coyote is a tiny GPS device that informs drivers of the location of camera or other law enforcement devices should another Mini Coyote owner press a button on their unit within 10 seconds.

In effect, you have to join that "privileged" car social networking organisation to enjoy the advantages that the Mini Coyote provides to the fellow motorists. The catch though is that you will need to extend your subscription to the service after the three month trial has ended.

Already 50.000 drivers in France have purchased the £199 device and have reported around 27,000 speed traps in September alone. Plus there are apparently nearly 40,000 Coyotes devices in the UK

The mini Coyote is actually exploiting a legal loophole; although the device may be seen as "perverting the course of justice", the Government has yet to act to wipe out that grey area.

Nigel Carter, Managing director of French company Novus, adamantly said: "This is actually a road-safety device because it will help prevent accidents caused by drivers stamping on the brakes when they spot a camera too late. As far as we can see, there is nothing illegal in the unit."

Novus also sells a cheaper advanced Camera detector called Picolo which costs only £60 and could bring camera evasion to a whole new audience.

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