VMWare Brings Virtualisation To Mobile Phones

After providing virtualisation servers and clients to the industry, VMware is all set to extend its virtualisation technology to smartphones, with the announcement of Mobile Virtualisation Platform (MVP) on Monday.

The company stated that its new virtualisation platform aimed at mobile phones would include small hypervisor, compatible to work with a number of mobile devices employing an ARM processor.

VMware is collaborating with mobile phone manufacturers to push in its virtualisation technology directly onto the handsets, as a supplementary layer that decouples the data and applications from the hardware of the device.

However, the company has not announced the names of the companies it is working with.

In its pursuit of incorporating virtualisation technology in mobiles, VMware has acquired Trango Virtual Processors in October for an undisclosed amount of money, and the company kept the acquisition a secret until it unveiled the new virtualisation platform.

According to Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware’s director of market development and product development management, the new virtualisation technology would enable mobile users to work with multiple virtual phones simultaneously.

The new technology would employ the concept similar to that of the company’s ESXi server virtualisation technology, and the technology would prove to be beneficial for both handset manufacturers and mobile users, Krishnamurti added.

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