Youtube Bags Deal With X-factor Producer, FremantleMedia

Youtube has signed an agreement with Fremantlemedia to distribute its content and share advertising revenues generated by the Youtube channels on the video website.

Fremantlemedia produces a number of well known and popular programmes like the X-Factor, Idols, Got Talent, Neighbours and the Bill.

The group is owned by RTL Group, Europe's largest entertainment network, which incidentally is the owner of Channel Five.

Fremantlemedia will adopt Youtube VideoID technology and will allow it to either block any illegally uploaded videos, place advertising next to it or leave it as it is.

Youtube is ramping up content partnerships with major production studios; yesterday, it agreed to sign an agreement with the Metro Goldwyn Mayer to distribute its archives and a similar one with CBS earlier in September.

However, it remains to be be seen if, just like, these will only target specific geographical locations.

The news come as Youtube has been testing full length programmes which are longer than the company's 10 minutes movie length.

Claire Tavernier, senior executive vice president, FMX, FremantleMedia, commented on the deal saying: "The consumer continues to seek out rich and varied online video entertainment driven by the burgeoning growth of new media around the world.

"This agreement between a successful online platform like YouTube and a globally renowned content provider such as FremantleMedia means that there will be more opportunities for global consumers to benefit from strong programming delivered over the Internet."

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Claire Tavernier is the lady who brokered the deal, Youtube's first major one outside the US.

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Fremantle has already threatened to sue Youtube users over the uploading of copyright content, but that could soon change.