80 percent of UK Web Users Suffer from Information Overload

Eight out of ten web users in UK claim that they suffer from information overload while dealing with huge amount of data flooding in via the internet, a recent study from Yahoo revealed.

The research study, dubbed as ‘Return on Attention’, further stated that as many as 88 percent of web users in UK consciously screen out the irrelevant messages and other unfiltered data in order to save their valuable time.

Out of 1,000 people surveyed by Yahoo, 70 percent admitted that they waste a lot of their valuable time, shifting across different web pages that carry irrelevant information.

The study further highlighted the modern hectic work schedules with 69 percent of the people surveyed acknowledging that life today is much busier than what it used to be, and 59 percent claims that they have longer working hours.

A few web users also stated that the ‘information overload’ is affecting their lives adversely, leading to the symptoms of stress, loss of appetite, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of confidence.

Citing results from the study, Yahoo’s VP of marketing for Europe, Kristof Fahy, stated that the businesses using internet as a marketing tool should take a note of the relevance of their messages, in order to gain attention of their potential customers.

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