Apple To Position iPhone/iPod Touch as Nintendo DS/PSP Competitor

The traditional gaming triumvirate could soon welcome a fourth actor if Apple's plans go as prepared and could succeed where Nokia has had limited success with its N-Gage platform.

In an interview to T3, Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of iPod and iPhone Product Marketing, said that there were more than 1500 games in the Apps store for the iPod touch/iPhone platform, out of the 6000 available applications online.

As expected, Joswiak was very upbeat when it came to taking the established PSP and Nintendo DS portable gaming systems heads on, calling them devices that are more in the past.

Furthermore, he added, because the iPod touch (and the iPhone) packs more computing power and 3D graphics power than say the Nintendo DS, games have barely tapped the platform's capabilities.

Apple has a number of arguments running for it; firstly, games on the Apps store are considerably cheaper than ones available for the Nintendo DS or the PSP, secondly, the games are downloadable, thereby cutting any middlemen and any acquisition costs, thirdly, gaming is NOT Apple's primary source of revenue which means that it can reasonably plan for the long term (rather than try and turn a quick buck) and lastly, Apple's devices have some innovative features like the accelerometer, 3G access and multi touch.

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