AVG Removes Vital Windows Core Component

A recent security update from antivirus firm AVG Technologies has caused a fuss on the web, after some users deleted a core Windows file, which was mistakenly identified as a Trojan by the update.

The company stated that the users who installed the security update for AVG8 had mistakenly received a warning that the Windows file “user32.dll” was infected with the PSW.Banker4.APSA or Generic9TBN Trojans, and were recommended to delete the file necessary to the operation of Windows XP.

Users, who deleted the mentioned file as per the recommendations of the security updates are left with PCs that have either stopped booting or keeps on rebooting endlessly.

However, the snag only affects users running, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian, language versions of Windows XP.

In order to assist its users, AVG has posted a set of key instructions, including methods to disable services of AVG, running Windows XP’s Recovery Console, and restoring the deleted file, user32.dll, by copying it from Windows XP’s install CD.

In addition, AVG has also released a follow-up update to address the issue, but it would only work if the user had not switched off his or her computer, or rebooted it, after deleting the crucial user32.dll file from the system.

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