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Carphone Warehouse Says Linux Webbook Is Unpopular, Disappears from CW

High Street Retailer Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that it will no longer sell its popular Elonex Webbook Netbook with Ubuntu Operating system after experiencing high level of customer returns.

These returns - which amounted up to 20 percent - however were not due to hardware failure but more to the fact that customers did not fully appreciate the open source operating system and highlight one key reason why Ubuntu may be failing to win hearts and minds.

A press article earlier today from Mobile Today said that Carphone Warehouse would be replacing Linux by Windows XP home for free, something that the company strenuously denied

Speaking to the Inquirer, a spokesman acknowledged that their customers were looking for a more familiar operating system and would no longer bundle Ubuntu (or indeed any open source operating systems) with their popular netbook.

Around 60,000 Elonex netbooks have been sold since launch, most of them through a rather cheap bundle which costs only £19 per month and provide the users with wireless connectivity.

Carphone Warehouse has been heavily promoting the laptop on the popular X-Factor programme and it is expected that adding Windows XP to the Webbook will add £25 to its price.

Interestingly, the Elonex webbook laptop has been removed from Carphone Warehouse at the time of writing and replace by the Asus EEEPC 701 - which comes with Windows XP.

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