Google Earth Cracks 4th Dimension, Brings Back Ancient Rome

Google has managed to reconstruct ancient Rome with the help of Past Perfect Productions, UCLA, and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (University of Virginia) through Google Earth.

The much appreciated virtual earth application takes the user back 2328 years ago and opens the doors to more than 6700 historic buildings in the Roman capital as well as allowing virtual gravity defying flights across the city.

11 of the buildings will also have viewable interiors (but ahem, no Sim-like individuals) and will surely make history classes more interactive and interesting.

It also opens the door to other reconstructions as well like the lost civilisations of Atlantis or the Mayans or even further in time.

Google Earth - which is used by 400 million users - could also incorporate a new time travel feature which could allow you to travel back in time to see how a particular city or town evolved.

To view Ancient Rome in 3D within Google Earth, go to the "layers" panel of Google Earth, select gallery, followed by Ancient Rome 3D (although not everyone might get the feature immediately because of what Google calls "technical difficulties".

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