Google Introduces Video and Audio Chat To Gmail, Aims At Skype

Google has spruced up offerings of Gmail, by integrating easy to install and use, video and voice chat capabilities to its email application.

The new application from Gmail, dubbed as ‘Gmail Video and Voice’, differs starkly from popular (mainly free) VoIP service Skype, as it didn’t support plain phone network, and misses out on several features, such as call recording.

In order to access the voice and video chat services on their Gmail accounts, users simply need to download and install plug-in, and have their PCs equipped with Webcams for video chatting.

The application download currently supports Google’s own Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox and support for other web browsers and platforms may come later.

The voice and video chat option will be available in an embedded chat window, which can be explored by clicking the link “video & more” given in the window that presents “select voice chat” and “select video chat” options to choose from.

Gmail already enjoys a great standing among email users, for its effective spam filters and integrated chat services, and the new additions will surely add to its popularity.

Incidentally Google has struck deals with and Logitech to offer hefty discounts of up to 30 percent on a variety of cameras, as well as free home delivery, until November 30.

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