HTC releases Fuze, the Android Phone With Windows Mobile

In a bid to take on T-Mobile’s G1 handset, AT&T has rolled out its new touch screen smartphone, HTC Fuze, which is fully loaded with a bunch of remarkable features to sway the professional segment.

The stylish new handset sports a touch screen display and comes with a full-slide out QWERTY keyboard that is designed to make messaging and mailing easier for its users.

Powered by Microsoft Windows 6.1 platform, the HTC Fuze supports Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, which is expected to help professional users in effortlessly browsing the internet, and accessing corporate emails effortlessly; in addition, it allows users to edit their email attachments using mobile versions of MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.

Interestingly the HTC Fuze is essentially the HTC Touch Pro, which has been renamed to run on AT&T’s 3G network.

Crammed in a sturdy plastic case, the device offers great feel to users, and its front comprises of four keys, with a ‘navigation’ button in the middle, which is both touch and press sensitive.

Through AT&T’s Xpress Mail Service, HTC Fuze enables its users to access their personal email accounts, and is expected to extend its compatibility with Blackberry Connect and Good Mobile Messaging, during later part of this year.

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