ISPs Face Growing Threat From Massive DDoS attacks

A recent survey by Arbor Networks has revealed that internet companies across the globe are facing serious security threats, owing to sophisticated and large-scale malicious attacks.

The fourth edition of the survey, dubbed as “Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report”, of 70 big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from different regions of the world, includes responses of security engineers to 90 questions relating to potential threats to internet security, and engineering challenges taking place between August 2007 and July 2008.

Though the scale of attacks have been growing gradually since 2001, this year the largest recorded distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against a single target reached 40 gigabits per second, as against 24 gigabits reported last year, the survey revealed.

The prime weapons of attacks are ‘botnets’, or simply robot PCs, which could potentially be used to spread malicious content across the web, leading to sudden crash in internet services.

As the nature and scale of the attacks have grown substantially over the past few years, mitigation of these attacks has become harder since it requires a huge amount of time and effort, the report states.

In addition to dangerous DDoS attacks, this year ISPs have identified some other threats in the guise of border gateway protocol (BGP) hijacking, spam, and domain name spoofing attacks, the report unveiled.

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