Sansa's New 8GB SansaClip More Than A Match For Apple's iPod

Memory specialist Sandisk has just announced the release of an 8GB version of its popular Sansa Clip which should provide Apple's iconic iPod range with some welcomed competition.

The device, which has four times the storage capacity of its iPod Shuffle equivalent, is expected to cost around £50 and sports a bright OLED colour screen.

The matchbox-sized Sansa Clip should run for 15 hours on a rechargeable battery, far more than the Shuffle and will be compatible with a bigger range of audio formats.

There's also an FM radio, a voice recorder and compatibility with a number of online music shops like Rhapsody to Go, Napster and eMusic (but no iTunes as one might guess).

The device has a cool looking circular control that looks like Apple's touch/scroll wheel.

Shame the earphones appear to be unspectacular but then you can easily plug in your favourite one.

There's no memory slot for further expansion and compatibility is limited to Windows XP and Vista

Still, it is slightly less good value than the Creative Zen 8GB model Portable Media Player which costs around £70 and comes with a larger 2.5-inch colour screen.

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