Oracle Launches CRM Social Widgets

Oracle has unveiled its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Gadgets for Sales; a set of sophisticated applications that are designed to assist salespersons in carrying out desktop search along with accessing information about important contacts, crucial deals and sales quotas.

In addition Oracle has mentioned that its next version of Oracle’s Siebel CRM products are updated with customer self-services and social network integration features, by adding Siebel chat and enhanced search capabilities to the application.

Oracle CRM Gadgets for sales incorporates a set of five mini-applications, which salespeople could run on their PCs to fetch out relevant information via the internet, or from the databases of their companies, without actually navigating, logging into, or launching those applications.

These gadgets are equipped with several productivity boosting capabilities that offer salespeople quick access to significant business information, and its capability of linking the companies’ CRMs data with the web, keeps the sales force updated and well-informed.

The My Contacts Gadget will allow users to access contact or email contacts available in their companies’ Siebel CRM, and also let users to search contacts on social networking websites, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Search Widget lets users to carry out comprehensive search using customized Google’s search engine, and the Sales Quota gadget is designed to obtain details of quarterly targets, pipeline data, and the sales achievement till date.

‘Oracle Gadgets for Sales’ can be used on any operating system or web browser, and it will be made available for free download to Oracle CRM clients with existing contracts, the company said.

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