Podcast : Cloud Computing Concept Deconstructed

In this interview, Wayne Scott from Podcastvoices interviews Sajai Krishnan, CEO of Parascale on Cloud Computing and what the impact of this new paradigm could have on our lives.

Sajai Krishnan drives overall strategy and business execution for ParaScale. Before ParaScale, he was general manager of the StoreVault Division of NetApp, responsible for creating and developing the division's multi-national efforts within the mid-market segment.

Prior to his appointment, Krishnan served as the general manager of NetApp's Storage Management Software business, overseeing the company's core management software offerings.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, ParaScale ("Parallel Scalability") was founded in 2004 on the premise that advances in computer hardware over the past ten years make possible better solutions for file storage, management, and distribution.

Better means solutions that are more reliable, with more storage capacity, with higher read/write bandwidth, easier-to-manage, and less expensive to buy and operate than ever before.

Listen to this interview here.