Talktalk To Introduce 24mbps ADSL2+ Broadband

ISP Talktalk will be introducing a series of new features that will allow existing and new customers to boost up their internet package starting from £4 per month.

The current barebone package - named essentials - has an up to 8mbps speed, a 40GB monthly download limit, unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines (and 36 other countries) and a free wireless router to boot from.

At £16.99 including the line rental plus a £29.99 connection fee, it is quite competitive but it is the additional boosts which may win over new customers (and keep churn low).

Talktalk provides with a 24mbps ADSL2+ upgrade (or up to the maximum speed your line can support), the possibility to bump the download limit to 80GB, adding security features through F-Secure to three computers, anytime calls and half price mobile calls.

The connection boost comes with an O2-like money back guarantee with Talktalk refunding customers if they don't get any speed improvements.

The package can be added for a set period of time only and can be disabled at any time; Talktalk's contract lasts 18 months and the new mytalktalk pack of top-ups will be launched on the 18th of November.

You can already discard one of the boosts though; the Security one will cost you £72 over the life of your contract. You can actually purchase Microsoft Windows Live Onecare package for three computers for only £12.74 at Ebuyer.

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