Woman Auctions Her Name On Ebay To Raise Money For Charity

A woman has chosen to raise money for Children in Need by giving the right to the auction winner to change her name to one in a list of 50 names listed - including Marge Simpson and ... Pat Butcher from Eastenders.

Eileen de Bont has already attracted 12 bids, the highest being £5000 from the UK Deed Poll Service. She will change her name by deed poll for one year and the winning bidder will receive the original deed poll as proof.

Half of the proceeds will go to Children in Need with the rest going to her children; obviously, Eileen will have to go through a number of administrative processes - changing her name on her passport, on her driving licence, on her bank accounts etc.

And the 37-year old dental assistant ought to bear in mind that some of the names are already copyrighted (like Hilary Clinton or Terry Wogan).

Marc Phillips, Head of BBC Children in Need in Wales, was delighted by Ms De Bont selfless act : "We are always amazed at the originality of people who devise new fundraising methods, particularly when the action can have long term personal implications for the fundraiser.

Update : the UK Deed Poll Service appear to have won the bid after giving £4000 to Children In Need and requesting that Eileen de Bont changes her name to Pudsey Bear, which is the name of the one-eyed mascot of Children in Need. The auction formally closes on Sunday at 1451.

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