XO/OLPC BOGOF Laptop Scheme Comes To Europe

From Monday 17th November, the XO (ex OLPC), will be on sale in 30 countries across Europe for the price of about £260 which gives you the opportunity to buy a laptop and give another one free to someone less fortunate in a developing world school.

This is part of the G1G1 scheme which has enrolled Amazon.com as its main partner. And in an email interview to ZDnet, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder and chairman of the OLPC programme, confirmed that Amazon will not be selling dual boot version with Windows XP and OLPC's own Sugar OS.

He also expected that the price of the OLPC laptop could go as low as $75, down from $199 right now (in the US at least).

The scheme started in the United States back in November 2007 but had met with some production issues which delayed the smooth roll out of the project. And the economic woes of the last few month coupled with increasing competition from the Netbooks made life very hard for the XO/OLPC project.

But still, they managed to collect up to two million dollars worth of contribution per day during the peak of the G1G1 scheme.

Speaking to the Inquirer, OLPC spokesman, Daniel Drake, said that last year's success, "really demonstrated to the organisation that consumer donations are a very promising way to progress the mission of empowering children in the developing world".

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