£75.64 RTX DUALphone 3088 Cordless Skype Phone

Just connect the DUALphone base station to your broadband connection, and then you can talk free of charge with your Skype friends or call other landline numbers worldwide – either using the extremely low SkypeOut rates or as usual via your regular landline operator.

The popular Skype user interface and the attractive colour display gives you tomorrow's telephone today and for the future, because it is easy and simple to download new software directly from the phone.

The phone has superior sound quality, is naturally cordless and has a range of up to 300 metres. It is easy to install, easy to use and a natural choice as your conference phone.

Main features include a Stand-alone Cordless Phone for Skype and ordinary phone in one, No need for a PC – just connect the DUALphone base station directly to your broadband router or modem as well as the ability to do ordinary telephony via your landline operator.

Buy the phone from Skype for only £75.64 delivered.