Google Gives More Control To Businesses With Powerful Site Search Feature

Google Inc. has announced on Thursday that it is unveiling new feature to its Site Search services that would let businesses to instantly integrate and index web pages on demand.

The new addition will be helpful for marketing departments that use Google’s Site Search services for getting news updates, and the sales managers of e-commerce websites, who seek web pages with new products, and will make sales promotion pages promptly viewable.

Though the company is renowned for its free web search engine, it is pouring constant efforts in developing services that generate revenues by licensing services to business oriented websites.

Previously, Site Search clients used to rely on website’s software for crawling and indexing web pages that at times took a significant amount of users’ time, and now the new “on-demand indexing” feature offers greater customer control over the services, and provide search results within hours.

The new service only ensures that its users remain updated, and it doesn’t affect the search indexes by used, so that the company won’t be alleged for providing SEO services to paid customers, Mangtani added.

Site Search offers 5,000 web pages with 250,000 search queries at USD 100 a year, with prices may reach up to USD 2,250 for 300,000 web pages and 500,000 search queries in a year.

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