Chinese Fraudsters Use High Tech Gear To Cheat Immigration Tests

Two UK citizens of Chinese origin have been caught using high end spying technology to help Chinese candidates cheat UK immigration "Life in The United Kingdom" tests.

Steven Lee and Rong Yang have been jailed for eight months after having been found guilty of operating a scam which could have allowed dozens of other fellow Chinese citizens to pass the Knowledge of life test, which is essential for anyone who wish to become a British citizen.

Officers discovered laptops, radio transmitters and radio transmitters that were first though to have been used for cash machine scams but which the two crooks said were being used by them to watch Chinese television (in their BMW car).

The pair transmitted the answers to their "clients", who each had to pay £1000, via an in-ear speaker and supervising the operation by using a button-hole camera.

Even candidates who did not know how to write or speak English could pass the exam provided they knew how a multiple choice question test works.

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