Microsoft Adds Downloads To Software Store; What about Windows Marketplace?

Microsoft has a brand new software store that sells Microsoft products exclusively and even allows customers to download their packages locally rather than ordering (and waiting for) them by snail mail.

Microsoft store as it is call was launched back in the UK in June and is part of a larger scheme aimed at consumers and include "the ultimate steal website" which is aimed at students.

But the current version will allow prospective buyers to get their hands on hardware gear from Microsoft as well including Xbox, Zune as well as other peripherals although that seems to apply only to the US Version for now.

Additionally, the site has been launched in South Korea, Germany with other European countries to join in at a later stage.

But there's not much to be excited about as far as prices are concerned as Microsoft is selling at Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 costs £170 on Microsoft Store and only £87.62 at Ebuyer, albeit in OEM version.

In addition, it is worth noting that Microsoft operates Windows Marketplace, an online platform sells Windows related applications, and integrates some "price comparison" features as well.

Already though some have been saying that this could be the beginning of Microsoft's answer to Apple's App Store and Android Market, Skymarket.

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