Logitech SqueezeBox Boom Arrives In Style

I'm a big fan of Internet radio and WiFi radio's. The ability to listen to a variety of music formats from a variety of sources is always a big crowd pleaser and can turn any regular person into their parties very own DJ.

The Logitech Squeezebox Boom Streaming Music System is no exception to this rule. The unit supports a variety of formats and gives Roku Soundbridge and other units a run for their money.

Using the SqueezeBox users can listen to Internet Radio, stream MP3 files from their computer via their computers WiFi adapter, and even listed to music subscription services like the Rhapsody music server.

The Logitech SqueezeBox also offers an included remote control along with a heads up on-screen display that allows users to view their input type, the music playing, music levels and much more, all from one convenient display.

The SqueezeBox isn't only a sleek device, but at only $299.99 its the perfect holiday gift for even the most staunch Audiophile.

This post was written by James Johnson, from the Marketing & Content Development at Expansys.

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