Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Only Available To New Customers

Microsoft has announced the availability of emulators and documentation for the updated browser software Internet Explorer Mobile 6 for its Windows Mobile Platform.

Despite the impressive specifications and enhanced speeds of the new browser, the existing Windows Mobile users won’t be able to upgrade the new browser unless they buy a new handset.

A blog post from Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team confirmed that the IE Mobile 6 will be available on new Windows Mobile devices “soon”, however, the exact date of launch hasn’t been specified.

Upholding the availability of the browser on new handsets only and not as an upgrade for existing Windows mobile handsets, the team purported that the IE Mobile 6 would require more robust and advanced devices.

The announcement will definitely be agonising for the existing Windows Mobile users, which includes the owners of Xperia X1, Touch HD, Touch Pro and Diamond.

Touted to deliver browsing experience close to that on desktop, the new browser for Windows Mobile sports a bunch of new features, including improved fidelity, better multimedia experience, improved support for Javascript and Ajax, better layout for handsets’ screens, integrated Adobe Flash Lite 3.1, and multiple zoom levels.

The company further claims that the browser will offer better switching between mobile and desktop versions of sites, and provide revamped cursor navigation model.

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