Virgin Media Customers In Warrington Get Free 50mbps Broadband

Warrington will be among the first towns to use Virgin Media’s fast broadband service, as the company has invited 200 customers from the city to try out its forthcoming 50Mbits/s broadband package for two months at no extra cost.

The cable operator has spruced up its network to support the DOCSIS3 standard, and the move is dubbed as the step towards meeting the requirements for increasing bandwidth requirements in UK.

After customer trial in Warrington, new XXL package from Virgin Media will be added to its 2Mb/s or “M”, 10mb/s or “L”, and 20mb/s or “XL”, offerings across its entire cable network by the end of 2009.

Virgin Media selected Warrington for its high proportion of subscribers of its faster broadband services, the company notified in its invitation.

The company will provide a new modem to the customers, who would take up the trial offer before November 18, within a week’s time, with the customers required to fill out a questionnaire in exchange of the free modem.

The pricing structure for its 50Mbits/s package is not announced yet; however, Virgin Media’s existing XL subscribers need to pay GBP 36 a month, with download limits of 3GB at peak time each day.

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