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10000-strong BNP Membership List Leaked On The Net

The entire membership list of the right-wing British National Party has been leaked online according to blog Lancaster Unity which says that this might have been the work of a former party insider - the so-called Insider Threat.

Another theory is that Left-wing entities have infiltrated the organisation and managed to obtain the list. Back in 2006, the BNP's website was hacked into following a Distributed Denial of Service.

Because of the very essence of the BNP, any sign belonging to the party is not something that its members proudly display; the list, it is said, contains people working in "sensitive" sectors like the armed forces or the police.

The list apparently has not only names of members of the party but also addresses, contact numbers, religion, hobbies, interests and email addresses.

Worse though, members under the age of 18 are also listed as some members have registered their families on the BNP member roll.

Antifascist, the author of the post on Lancaster Unity, said that the membership list has not been updated for at least 12 months - as it includes former members - and that in fact the party kept names on the roll to artificially inflate numbers.

However, in addition to the fact that the person who leaked the list is in dire troubles with the law and with the British National Party, it is, as far as we know, illegal to fire someone because of his or her political views (except in some particular cases).

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