24th November Could Be Malware's Black Monday

The spread of malware content and viruses are anticipated to reach a peak this year on November 24, with hackers attempting to take control of computers, a study from PC Tools revealed.

The company analysed the data fetched from 500,000 users of its antivirus products, and studied the information from the same period of 2007, and deemed next Monday, before Thanksgiving, as the high time for online security attacks.

PC Tools attributes this high time for attacks to the increased online shopping activity during this period, as people start purchasing gifts and other items for Christmas, and on Friday, a day after the Thanksgiving, when a large chunk of US stores hold massive stocks.

The company claims that the fraudsters will try to trick online shoppers into clicking tempting links on websites and emails that will download malicious software on to their PCs that let hackers to seize remote control over their computers, which in turn will allow them to steal crucial banking details and passwords.

PC Tool warned web users to stay vigilant while shopping online during Christmas run, and recommended them to upgrade their antivirus and firewall security.

It further advised users not to click on to the unfamiliar links, and enter their all important credit and debit cards information on secured web pages only.

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