£39.99 UK's Cheapest Touchscreen Fly SLT100 T-Mobile Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

The Fly SLT100 comes packing a colour, 320x240 pixel touchscreen, 2mp camera with zoom for great pictures and video, plus an MP3 player, Bluetooth and expandable memory.

Other features on the Fly SLT100 include tri-band calling, enabling you to call from almost anywhere in the world, a battery life enabling 150 minutes of talk time and up to 180 hours on standby, plus vibrating call alert and a number of pre-istalled games.

OK, it is not an iPhone but at £40 including delivery, who, in their right mind, would criticise this budget phone.

Oh and before we forget, it has TV Out, FM radio recording but does ot come with any flash.

It is available on T-Mobile PAYG (and therefore is compatible with Virgin as well).

Buy it at Play.com for only £39.99 delivered