Barack Obama Could Abandon Blackberry and Email Altogether

After he gave up smoking for joining the presidential race, the US President-elect Barack Obama may now be forced to quit using his favourite Blackberry device, after he enters the White House.

Data transparency laws along with security issues, could compel the President-elect to give up his Blackberry for emailing after he assumes his office as the 44th President of the United States, The New York Times reported.

The newspaper attributes the move to the Presidential Records Act, a federal ruling which necessitates the White House to log and record every email the President sends or receives and make the archive available for general public.

The laws could pose ironic restrictions on Obama, who frequently used the internet for his election campaigns, and is accredited as the most wired candidate for the President ever.

Earlier, during his election campaigns, Obama stressed a lot over the improvement of web, and even promised to create a cabinet level post of Chief Technology Officer, to ensure the efficient and smooth functioning of IT systems employed for administrative purposes.

A final call on whether the new President-elect could become the first e-mailing president of the US has yet to be made; however, he is expected to be the first to use laptop at the Oval office.

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