Barack Obama Plans Official YouTube Presidential Channel

Already accredited as the most wired presidential candidate ever, Barack Obama has moved a step ahead in his goal of using the power of internet in his administration, by announcing plans for launching his regular weekly addresses on YouTube channel.

The President-elect on Friday announced plans for a presidential YouTube channel, which will broadcast weekly presidential speeches, with the broadcasts will also being available on, Obama’s transition website.

The first such broadcast, which primarily focused on the current global economic downturn, aired on YouTube on Saturday, and it has already registered a whopping 700,000 hits.

In addition, he also emphasised on detailed blogs and social networks screenings as part of keeping a check over his potential staff members.

Barack Obama, who may be forced to give up e-mailing, in the wake of data transparency laws and security concerns, is all set to become the first “internet president”, and even vowed to create a new cabinet-level post of Chief Technology Officer in his administration.

The move will mark a paradigm shift in the way presidential speeches are broadcasted so far, as the outgoing president George W. Bush, who admitted his difficulty in keeping up with the changes in modern technology, only put his audio speeches on the White House website.

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