BT's Ribbit Launches VoIP Dev Platform and $100,000 Contest

BT owned Ribbit Corp. on Monday has officially opened up its web telephony platform for developers, carriers, and enterprises, which would assist web developers in integrating voice communication features to their applications.

The new platform is designed to assist developers in creating, troubleshooting, or deploying, voice-enabled applications, using its application programming interfaces, or APIs; moreover, developers will be able to sell the created applications through Ribbit’s online store.

Through this platform, developers will be able to access Ribbit’s SmartSwitch software, which lets voice transmissions to flow across mobile phones and hard wired applications, and integrates voice chat services, like Google Talk and Skype.

The company further purports that there are around 600 developers using the platform for developing a wide range of applications, including unified messaging, call centres, social networking mash-ups, and other such tools.

Ribbit is encouraging developers with its USD 100,000 contest for developing the most advanced Ribbit integrations across five different categories.

Ribbit Corp. touts itself as the ‘only phone company’ in Silicon Valley, and has already demonstrated its capability in providing voice-based web services to the industry.

Earlier, Ribbit integrated its web based telephony with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) software that lets Salesforce’s clients to make and receive calls within the Salesforce application.

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