USB 3.0 Promises Speeds of 2.4Gbps; Where's Wireless USB?

The USB Promoter Group on Monday has finally unveiled the specifications of USB 3.0, or popularly dubbed as “SuperSpeed device”, which offers almost 10 times the data transfer rates of its predecessor, USB 2.0, and it is expected to be incorporated in future electronic devices.

USB promoter Group, which comprises of some of the major players of the industry, namely, Microsoft, Intel, NEC, and Texas Instruments, is reviewing this new speedier interface technology at a conference in San Jose, California.

Digital cameras, music players, solid-state drives and hard drives are expected to be among the first gadgets to employ the SuperSpeed devices into their core.

Though USB 2.0 suffices the modern data transfer needs, USB 3.0 will be employed in future devices that are more compact, president of USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), Jack Ravencraft said.

A flash drive with USB 3.0 crammed in it can transfer 1GB data to a host device in just 3.3 seconds, as against 33 seconds with USB 2.0 device, Ravencraft added.

USB 3.0, which is expected to be backward-compatible with previous versions of USB, will be integrated into computers within a year, and will be pushed into consumer products, like flash drives, music players, etc, in 2010.

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