Virus Closes Hospital Computer Systems in London

Three hospitals in London have had to deal with an altogether different kind of virus, a computer one, which forced them to close their entire computer system for "at least" 24 hours and first came to light yesterday (Monday).

Barts in the City, the Royal London Hospital and The London Chest were all affected by the virus which did not cause any major interruption and did not endanger patients' lives.

A spokesperson said that "well-rehearsed emergency procedures" have been followed but did not provide more information as to what those procedures were and whether another computer virus outbreak could occur.

A press release also confirmed that "Manual backup systems are in use and we are in the process of restoring the computer systems with priority being given to the most important areas for maintaining patients services"

It will be interesting to find out how the virus was brought into the computer systems of three separate hospitals almost simultaneously.

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