Apple Releases Firmware To Solve Macbook Trackpad Issue

In a move aimed at providing smooth navigation to its Macbook and Macbook Pro users, who had previously complained of glitch in the glass trackpad of their devices, Apple has come up with a firmware to correct the trackpad fault.

Incidentally Apple had integrated the glass-trackpad, to offer enhanced tracking area, multi touch functionality and full pad mouse button, with its new range of Macbooks launched in October.

A number of Macbook users had complained that the trackpad of their device would stop recognising mouse clicks after some unspecified period, causing serious agonies to them.

Though Apple hasn’t announced the snag officially, users who wrote emails to the company about persistent problem with their Macbook’s trackpad, have reportedly received responses from Apple’s chief Steve Jobs.

In these responses, Steve Jobs assured frustrated users that the company was investigating the matter and would soon provide a software fix for the issue.

Due to the hardware nature of the problem, many users were afraid that they would need to return their Macbooks in order to correct the issue; however, the easy firmware update solution of the snag offered a sigh of relief to them.

The firmware update, tagged as “MacBook Pro Trackpad Firmware Update 1.0”, is officially released, and can be downloaded and installed from the built-in software update menu in Mac OS X.

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