BBC To Broadcast Flagship Channels Live Through iPlayer

The BBC has announced that it will stream BBC 1 and BBC 2 live on the web through iPlayer as from the 27th of November. BBC 3, 4, CBBC and CBeebies and BBC news are already broadcast live on their respective sub-sites.

The process, known as Simulcast, had been adopted by Channel 4 back in 2006 and Auntie will deliver the content using Adobe's Flash technology; demand for online TV/video on demand has boomed as UK broadband penetration accelerates.

And the fact that it will happen through iPlayer makes Personal Video Recorders redundant in one swoop.

The Director of BBC Vision, Jana Bennett, said in a statement that "The launch of BBC One and BBC Two online completes our commitment to make our portfolio of channels available to watch on the internet."

She was also quick to point out that those watching or recording BBC content on any device will have to be covered by a valid TV license, although in practice, it is impossible for the authorities (and the corporation) to verify.

And if you watch non live broadcast, say via iPlayer or on through any other means, you need not have a TV licence. As usual, all the programmes will be available for up to a week on BBC iPlayer.

The rise of Live TV channels means that the ISPs will feel the strain even more as broadband traffic consumption rockets.

Earlier this year, BBC Worldwide signed a deal with Myspace to spread a tiny fraction of its programmes.

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