Google CEO Calls For US Government To Invest In Technology

While addressing the New America Foundation in Washington DC on Tuesday, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt called for an innovative bailout strategy, which includes creating significant number of jobs by pouring huge amount of investments by the government in energy infrastructure.

As efforts from private sector are not serving the purpose adequately, government should take on a new approach towards crucial issues, like energy independence and broadband implementation, at this critical juncture, Schmidt added.

Google’s chief exec emphasised that the bailout plan should focus on creating jobs by revamping the energy and broadband infrastructure in country, instead of investing on unproductive resources.

Decrying the government policies for the past eight years, Schmidt maintained that the government until now has largely relied on private companies to address many core issues, and stated that this is the time for the government to take up the responsibility of reinvigorating the infrastructure.

“We can reduce energy costs, create jobs and generate enormous economic benefits for generations to come. The missing ingredient has been political leadership”, he said in a statement.

He called for an open government system that include intense involvement of citizens in taking crucial decisions, and urged lawmakers to involve people in making important legislations.

He further stated that it’s time for the government to embrace new internet technologies, like blogging, social networking, etc, to enhance the transparency and efficiency of administration.

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