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Virgin Media Brings In 16mbps ADSL2+ Broadband, 50mbps Coming Before Xmas

New and Existing Virgin Media ADSL customers will be able to test a new 16mbps ADSL2+ broadband upgrade for free until the 6th of January 2009 for three months.

After the trial period (and assuming they benefit from much higher speeds), they will be charged an extra £5 per month, a move that's curiously similar to Talktalk's Broadband boost offer.

Last week, Talktalk introduced a series of new features including the ability to triple your broadband speed (from 8mbps to 24mbps) for £5 per month.

Virgin Media's stand alone broadband service costs £18 per month and even at £23 for a 16mbps, will still be more expensive than Sky's 16mbps or Be's 24mbps offers.

In comparison, their 20mbps service costs only £29 for the first 12 months and does not require you to pay for additional BT line rental.

A one-off £30 connection and set-up charge will be applied to new broadband activations.

It is interesting that Virgin Media is encouraging broadband subscriptions both for cable and non cable customers.

In addition, we have received confirmation that Virgin Media will be releasing its 50mbps broadband service before Christmas although the exact date and availability have yet to be confirmed.

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